Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital
* indicates required
i.e. Admin work, education, fundraisers, events, computer work from home etc. (We are NOT currently recruiting volunteers for animal related duties/positions)
Please list the best number to reach you
Please explain if you learned about volunteer opportunities through facebook or newspaper or other??
Some visas do not allow you to volunteer while visiting Australia. If you are not a resident of Australia, please review your visa to find out if you are legally allowed to volunteer BEFORE applying.
Please answer with YES or NO. If YES, please describe your offense.
Allergies could be food, animals, medications, ect
Write N/A if you have none. If YES, please explain.
ie shy, loud, bubbly, introvert, confident
If you volunteer for Outreach, you will most likely need to interact with children at different events, including markets
WWC = Working With Children Check; We require a Working with Children Check (WWC). Upon acceptance some positions require you to pass a WWC (free application).
if you have a completely random schedule, please make a note of that
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